Springboard achieves 42% month-over-month organic growth

Springboard is an online education platform that teaches skills in emerging fields like data science and machine learning through mentor-led workshops.

Great content drives trust

Over at Springboard, Roger Huang is the resident content marketing expert thanks to his background in journalism and experience authoring his own book, “Entrepreneur Blackjack.”

As a consumer-facing education platform focused on teaching workshops on the newest fields (e.g. data science), they’ve identified that there’s a growing number of people who are searching for materials on how they can learn these new skills.

"Crafting great content that produces revenue is just one side of the coin for us. A lot of people go through our content to make sure we’re legit, so creating bad content just isn’t an option."

Roger Huang
Growth, Springboard

Organic traffic has exponential returns

"Capturing organic traffic has exponential returns for our business," explains Roger. "Not only is it important for us to generate net new leads for the business using less paid acquisition, content helps us entrench and nurture our relationship with our users."

To tackle these goals with content marketing, Roger focuses on creating top resources (e.g. tutorials, interview walkthroughs) and is always on the lookout for ways to level up Springboard’s content game.

"We’ve tried some other content marketing tools like BuzzSumo and Grammarly, but Clearscope is definitely unique. It allows me to go beyond just keywords and algorithmically grab all the relevant concepts related to a core topic."

Clearscope provides guidance and validation

I used to do quick spot checks. I’d Google the keyword to get an idea of what type of content people were looking for,” says Roger. “When we first got Clearscope, we primarily used it as the final validation step, replacing Yoast. It’s a great sanity check to see what topics we should have covered.”

But after seeing some initial organic traffic wins with Clearscope, Roger saw the value of using Clearscope for directional guidance at the beginning of the content creation process.

Quick long-tail traffic

"The first piece of content where we followed Clearscope recommendations – to the letter – has grown in organic search traffic 42% month-over-month since publishing."

Additionally, that piece of content is ranking for over 700 keywords in Google and brings in the most long-tail traffic Roger has seen across all their content. Securing the featured snippet spot for their head term is another nice benefit.

“Now, I get our writers to use Clearscope for directional guidance and quality assurance on all our content,” concludes Roger. “It’s resulted in great search performance on many other pieces.”

Start making the most of your content.

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