Guides & tutorials

Learn the Clearscope basics and brush up on your SEO & content marketing skills with our easy-to-follow videos and guides.

Create and organize Clearscope reports

Welcome to Clearscope! We walk you through how to create new Clearscope reports, audit existing content, and manage what's happening in your report history.

Optimize content in Clearscope's text-editor

Learn how to use the text-editor to build higher quality content and get up-to-speed on Clearscope's scoring metrics—Content Grade, Word Count, and Readability.

Build content briefs and outlines using Clearscope

Use Clearscope's text editor tabs (Terms, Research, Outline) to quickly build content briefs and outlines.

Integrate Clearscope into your content workflow

Clearscope fits seamlessly into existing content workflows with shared reports, a Google Docs add-on and WordPress plugin.

Discover keywords and search intents with Clearscope

Not sure which keywords or search intents you want to target? Clearscope's keyword discovery helps you fine tune your content strategy.

Onboarding series

How to produce SEO-friendly content with Clearscope

  • 1: Good content starts with keyword research

    It’s simple: People have questions; Google has answers. And if you want to write content that ranks well, you must create the kind of content people are actually searching for...

  • 2: How to outline your content with Clearscope

    Everyone has their unique approach to writing content for SEO. But if there's one step we always recommend that ensures your content is relevant, complete, and comprehensive — before you start writing — it's to develop the right content outline...

  • 3: How to incorporate Clearscope in your content workflow

    If you produce more than a few pieces of content per month, you no doubt have a team and existing workflow in place. In order to maximize your content marketing efforts, you’ll want to bring your team into the mix by integrating Clearscope into your content workflow...

  • 4: How to refresh your content with Clearscope

    It’s easy to get caught up in the momentum of content creation (you have a content flywheel to maintain, after all). A healthy publishing cadence is the proven path to better rankings and search traffic growth...

  • Bonus: How to bring content writing & SEO together

    There are a few common Search Engine Optimization (SEO) myths amongst content writers. One is the belief that optimizing articles for search hinders the reading experience and makes the writing sound formulaic or boring. Another is that combining SEO best practices and reader-friendly content writing is too hard...

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