Predictably create content that performs

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Craft your content around the right keywords

Make sure you create your content around keywords your audience is searching for. Clearscope makes keyword research and discovery as simple as performing a search on Google.

For each keyword you enter, Clearscope gives you related search term suggestions and their associated monthly search volumes.

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Automate your content research

Writing great content begins with rock solid research. Clearscope uses machine learning on top performing Google content to help you automate the content research process and identify winning content strategies.

Clearscope’s topic research gives you visibility on must-have topics to include in your content, recommendations on topic usage, and an exportable SEO-friendly content outline.

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Score written content on performance indicators

We’ve all published content only to realize 3 months later that it’s not pulling in the search traffic we wanted. Clearscope helps you predictably create content that performs by measuring your content performance before hitting publish.

Grade your written content with Clearscope to get data-driven guidance on important concepts you may have missed before the final draft and learn how to easily weave those concepts into your content.

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Optimize underperforming content

What are you suppose to do when your published content doesn’t get rewarded with Google search traffic?

For poor performing content, Clearscope shows you how your content stacks up against the current competition and gives you data-driven recommendations to improve.

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