Senior Software Engineer

About Clearscope

Clearscope is trusted by 1,000+ customers like Adobe, Deloitte, Nvidia, Expedia, HubSpot, Shopify, Intuit, and Condé Nast to grow their audience. Our best-in-class platform leverages machine learning to arm content marketers and SEOs with the data, recommendations, and visibility they need to make quality content and reach their audience.

After 7 years of strong word-of-mouth growth, the Clearscope brand has become synonymous with quality. Customers choose us because our platform drives 70% more search traffic on average, and they stay for our polished product, consultative sales process, and focus on customer success.

We're a 100% bootstrapped and profitable business with a bias for sustainable growth, doing multi-millions in revenue with a small, remote-first team.

The Role

You'll work closely with both the Founder/CTO and Head of Product to drive growth by expanding our product from its well-established roots as a content optimization tool into a platform that spans the full SEO/content marketing workflow.

We excel at building a high-quality product with a small-but-mighty team by making smart tradeoffs and keeping our codebase clear and maintainable.

We're looking for experienced engineers who can pick up a problem and solve it, while also considering and communicating its impact on the product and codebase. In return, you can expect to own interesting work, be listened to by leadership, and become a key member of a small team punching above its weight.

Here are some examples of past and ongoing work to give you a better idea of the challenges you might tackle:

  • Build really complex workflows with Sidekiq and Ruby fibers

  • Scrape arbitrary webpages using headless Chrome to balance speed and success rate

  • Build a front-end strategy around sending HTML over the wire

  • Maintain a cohesive Phlex component library written in pure Ruby

  • Implement crediting and usage-based billing using Stripe to minimize customer friction

  • Integrate with Google Docs, WordPress, and Microsoft Word

  • Experiment with OpenAI APIs to build innovative features

  • Maintain a low-footprint, high-impact testing strategy that leverages runtime type-checking

  • Crafting a custom marketing website using a headless CMS

  • Establish and document our methodology and conventions to maintain development speed and cohesion

  • Ensure infrastructure reliability and visibility with Sentry and DataDog

Your Responsibilities

  • Build a product that's used by SEOs and content professionals across the world in our Ruby/Rails/Stimulus monolith

  • Communicate asynchronously using Linear to strike a balance between product and engineering priorities

  • Understand and adopt our existing engineering patterns to become a cohesive member of the team

  • Own key areas of our codebase or engineering process over time

  • Steward the existing codebase by implementing patterns, making smart abstractions, and fixing broken windows


  • Experience with Ruby/Rails (4+ years)

  • Experience with relational databases like PostgreSQL or MySQL

  • Preference for working on a small team doing visible, high-impact work

  • A willingness to dive into the SEO/content marketing space

  • Minimum 4-hour overlap with US Eastern Time


  • Experience with Javascript/TypeScript/Stimulus

  • Experience with generative AI, NLP, or web scraping

  • Experience with UI design


  • Competitive salary

  • Remote-first team

  • Flexible work hours

(For US-based)

  • Health insurance

  • Dental + vision insurance

  • 401(k) with matching contribution

How to apply

Email apply[at] with the subject line of this role and please include the following:

  • resume or LinkedIn URL

  • where you heard about this role

  • expected salary range

  • a few sentences explaining why this role might be the right fit for you

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