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Animalz saves 3 hours per article with Clearscope

“We’re easily seeing a time-saving of 1.5-3 hours per article. If an average article takes 15 hours of cumulative team time, that’s a 10-20% reduction.”
Ryan Law
VP of Content, Animalz
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Webflow exceeds 130% organic traffic growth with Clearscope

“I love the product the team has built. I was able to grow SEO traffic from non-branded keywords on the Webflow blog by 130% in 2020!”
Omid Ghiam
Organic Growth Manager, Webflow
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G2 launches an intent-focused content strategy with Clearscope

“Clearscope is an amazing tool to streamline what happens in content and SEO.”
Amy Lecza
Director of Content Marketing, G2
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6,000+ writers, 4 editors: Growth Machine scales high-impact content with Clearscope

“It's really our all-in-one SEO writing tool... Clearscope feels like our best-kept secret to getting #1 articles on Google for our clients.”
Heather Leith
VP of Content, Growth Machine
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Optimizely increases search traffic by 52% to blog and glossary articles

“Plain and simple: Clearscope works. We were able to see a 52% increase in organic traffic to content we optimized through Clearscope, simply by following the tool's recommendations.”
Takeshi Young
Website & SEO Manager, Optimizely
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“Clearscope helps us scale content optimization thanks to its ease-of-use across teams. Kudos to their team for providing excellent support and consistently adding new features to fit our needs.”
Sharon Huang
SEO Analyst, Adobe
“Clearscope plays a major role in our content marketing and SEO strategy. Not only does it get us results, it's easy for our content and SEO team to use and collaborate on.”
Kevin Jones
Head of SEO, BigCommerce
“Clearscope has been a lifesaver as we expand beyond crypto data aggregation. As we grow our blog, educational platform, and website content, its ease of use has ensured our content is top-quality.”
Molly Zuckerman
Content Manager, Coin Market Cap
“Our SEO program has lived two separate eras: Life without Clearscope and life with Clearscope. Let's just say, I wouldn't wanna go back to life without it.”
Gaetano Nino DiNardi
Director of Growth Marketing, Nextiva
“Clearscope gives our editorial team clarity on how to consistently craft quality content and rank better. Kettle & Fire now ranks front page for all kinds of "bone broth" related searches.”
Justin Mares
Founder, Kettle & Fire
“Comprehensive content with a high 'Content Grade' via Clearscope significantly outperformed content that didn’t cover a topic in-depth... if SEO is a big part of your business, I recommend trying Clearscope.”
Brian Dean
Founder, Backlinko
“Clearscope has enabled us to apply accurate intent-driven data at scale to our organic content marketing initiatives, which has led to significant results.”
David Zeledon
SEO Digital Marketing Manager, Algolia
“Clearscope is a cornerstone of our content marketing team's day-to-day activities for clients. I strongly recommend it to anyone creating content at scale.”
Ryan Stewart
Partner, WEBRIS
“Clearscope has helped us align with our freelancers on what 'complete content' actually is, and thanks to the training sessions, we have a much better methodology for article selection.”
Ryan Smith
Product Marketing, Bench
“I get our writers to use Clearscope for directional guidance and quality assurance on all our content...It’s resulted in great search performance.”
Roger Huang
Growth, Springboard
“Clearscope has been integral to our team's ability to produce content at scale. The platform is intuitive, with a streamlined interface that sets it apart. Most importantly, the recommendations work.”
Asher Fusco
Director of SEO & Content, The Zebra
“After adding Clearscope to our process, we noticed huge increases in the SERPs. It gives us the confidence to rank for any term we target and it's the only SEO tool that I think is a necessity.”
Benji Hyam
Co-founder, Grow and Convert

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