Algolia Boosts Organic Content Performance with Clearscope

Founded: 2012
Industry: Search-as-a-Service
Challenge: Scaling high-quality content creation
Pages optimized per month: 29

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Algolia is a search and discovery platform that serves a wide variety of clients and industries, including e-commerce, software-as-a-service (SaaS), enterprise, media, and online marketplaces.

Algolia’s homepage, “Powering Discovery for your world.”

The company’s high-powered artificial intelligence (AI) search algorithm enables blazing-fast searches and more dynamic and personalized user experiences.

Founded in 2012, Algolia began to provide instant and relevant online search results. Now, the platform processes 1.5 trillion search operations yearly and has more than 11,000 clients, including brands like NBCUniversal, Slack, and Staples.

Its algorithm helps clients provide predictive, intent-based searches right from a user’s first visit to a website.

Vince Caruana is the Senior Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager and Organic Content Manager at Algolia. With Catherine Dee, the main Content Writer and Editor, he manages Algolia’s blog, which aims to capture top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) leads by ranking for relevant high-volume search terms.

Keep reading to learn how Vince and Catherine leverage Clearscope to ensure their blog pieces attract the right leads and keep new potential customers coming to the website.

The challenge of supporting a manual SEO content process

Vince and Catherine’s content marketing strategy focuses on developing blog pieces and collateral to support sales and marketing. They split their time between publishing six new blog pieces each month and crafting the core feature and product pages for Algolia’s website.

Vince, responsible for much of Algolia’s SEO planning and research, understands the importance of researching competitors and finding ways to make Algolia’s content more valuable and unique.

In practice, however, his content production process's research and planning phase became very time-consuming. Before using Clearscope, Vince describes his SEO process as “very manual, very painstaking. My SEO and competition research involved using many different tools and a lot of manual work.”

On the other hand, Catherine focused primarily on producing and editing content that spoke to Algolia’s readers. Initially, SEO best practices were not part of her workflow, which created a disconnect between content planning and production. As a result, Algolia had excellent content on its website but didn’t have the organic reach they wanted.

Writer-friendly tools that streamline content production

Vince and Catherine used Clearscope to connect their work better and create a more robust and streamlined SEO content production process.

For Vince, Clearscope was vital in streamlining his workflow so he could bring more valuable insights to the content planning process. He says, “​​I never had an overall view of the competition and what we were up against. Having all of that in Clearscope’s dashboard saved so much time.”

Along with its time-saving benefits, Vince found that Clearscope’s AI-powered recommendations offered a new sense of clarity to his research. Instead of digging through keyword information on several different platforms, he was able to get a clear picture of user intent and related topics all in one place.

As he describes it, “Clearscope gives us the inside scoop. It tells us exactly what we need to do to rank.”

Clearscope gives us the inside scoop. It tells us exactly what we need to do to rank.

When moving to the writing stage of the production process, Catherine credits Clearscope with helping her identify and incorporate the right related keywords and SEO best practices.

Specifically, she says that “having a definitive list of the most relevant terms and having a live grading tool for the writing has been a huge help.”

Now Catherine has the information she needs to optimize for search engines, which means her writing can reach a bigger audience of human readers.

Clearscope’s Google Docs panel and intuitive, user-friendly experience meant that Catherine could seamlessly integrate the new tool into her existing workflow. She explains, “It’s fun, productive, and helpful. The scores improve our SEO, giving us more eyes on the content.”

The other writers on Algolia’s team love having clear expectations of what they need to add to optimize their work for search engines. They especially like knowing that their optimization work delivers results and means that more people will get to read their writing.

Vince credits Clearscope with helping Algolia better understand what works for their audience.

“Clearscope has helped our entire organization start writing for our audience instead of ourselves. We’re breaking out of our internal jargon and using language people use when searching for our products.”

An SEO content editor that brings more eyes to your website

With Clearscope, Vince and Catherine were able to transform Algolia’s blog from content mainly found on the website into a powerful marketing channel that potential customers were discovering through search.

According to Vince, the “website gets indexed regularly, but Clearscope helps us compete better against what’s out there.”

In one example, he mentions that the team “had one writer publish a piece using Clearscope to  optimize, and five days later, it was ranked in the third position on Google.” And for Algolia, this type of performance was becoming the norm, not the exception.

“In a few short weeks of using Clearscope, pieces ranked on the ninth and tenth pages were showing up on the first page of Google.” Vince has seen organic traffic grow substantially quarter over quarter. And that growth is accelerating as more writers integrate Clearscope into their processes.

In a few short weeks of using Clearscope, pieces ranked on the ninth and tenth pages were showing up on the first page of Google.

In addition to driving more attention to Algolia’s blog, Clearscope has been essential in helping Vince’s team improve the visibility of their core product pages.

He explains that because of time constraints, “We’re not always able to get extra support from product marketing teams. Clearscope helps us understand what the competition is writing about to get their product pages ranked.”

With this information, Vince’s team can leverage SEO best practices and keyword insights to bring more attention to key selling pages on the website.

At Algolia, Clearscope has become an essential tool powering its SEO content marketing strategy. When asked about the platform’s impact, Catherine says, “I’m not going to succeed in finding the right SEO terms for a piece if I’m not using Clearscope.”

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