Growth Machine Scales High-Impact Content with Clearscope

Founded: 2017
Industry: Content agency
Challenge: Scaling high-quality content creation
Pages optimized per month: 344

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Growth Machine is an SEO and content marketing agency trusted by Y Combinator startups, growing companies, and Fortune 500 brands to attract customers organically. Predictable results and high-quality content power the company's approach to turnkey production. The seven-figure business grew at lightning speed over the past two years. Today, they work with dozens of clients across industries. Four in-house editors manage a network of 6,000+ freelance writers who publish hundreds of articles each month.

Growth Machine has written content for some of the fastest-growing businesses.

Consistent quality is the foundation of the agency's high-volume approach to search traffic growth. Growth Machine guarantees success in three ways. "Content hirers want to make sure it's good quality," Amanda Natividad, Head of Marketing, says.

“We ensure our content is up to snuff by having 1. great writers, 2. even better editors, and 3. tools like Grammarly and Clearscope to ensure content quality.”

A usable toolkit powers high-volume content output

Publishing 200+ articles each month, the Growth Machine editorial team needs to maintain efficiency without sacrificing content quality. Clearscope helps close the gap between "writers and editors where one party has less expertise than the other," Amanda says. "Our writers are subject matter experts in, say, the legal space... some are even lawyers! Our editors are fantastic, but they're not lawyers. Clearscope helps to ensure we’re covering the most relevant points in any given article."

Growth Machine saves time with Clearscope. The editorial team uses Clearscope reports for the competitive, contextual research needed to create an assignment. When an assignment is ready for review, editors rely on Clearscope's content grade as a last-mile check for quality assurance. Growth Machine's VP of Content, Heather Leith writes of Clearscope, "Most importantly, it gives me a peace of mind as an editor to see a quick metric for how [SEO] optimized the article is so I have a solid baseline to work with."

The editorial team finds that the more a writer uses Clearscope, the easier content optimization becomes. Because each Clearscope report link is accessible in Guest mode with a shared link, Growth Machine can onboard writers at scale. The high-volume content calendar relies on the usability, scalability, and excitability of Growth Machine's toolkit. "It's very easy to train them on and they all love using it," Heather writes of the onboarding process. The educational flywheel within Clearscope contributes to Growth Machine's impactful results across multiple industries.

High-signal recommendations compound results

Like any growth-oriented business, Growth Machine relies on data to power its repeatable and fluid content workflow. Delivering exceptional content at scale, Growth Machine tackles competitive niches with its data-driven approach that Clearscope refines on an optimization level. The editorial team finds that Clearscope's high-signal recommendations are "especially helpful in competitive niches like the wellness space, or spaces that are more technical, like finance," Amanda says.

In the fintech space, a Growth Machine client sees incredible gains during the 16-month project to date. The below chart shows the 1600% traffic increase across about 100 pieces of content.

Traffic growth for a Growth Machine client in the fintech space.

A direct-to-consumer beverage client earned 16,000+ pageviews across about 80 pieces of content. Like the above fintech client, this content reached new heights after about six months of its 14-month campaign.

Traffic growth for a Growth Machine client in the DTC beverage industry.

Growth Machine content for a client in the recruiting industry saw a 2200% increase across 100 articles during the ongoing 14-month project.

Traffic growth for a Growth Machine client in the recruiting industry.

Simplified SEO scales data-driven organic traffic growth

Clearscope simplifies SEO writing for users of all backgrounds, and Growth Machine simplifies SEO-focused content marketing for its clients. "Clearscope is doing a lot to make SEO more accessible," Amanda says. The real-time content recommendations, easy-to-grasp content grading scale, and the flexible workflow package together in a streamlined tool that helps writers "shape their articles in a stress-free way," Heather says.

A small editorial team that publishes hundreds of articles monthly doesn't have a second to waste. Clearscope empowers the entire content team at Growth Machine by saving time in each step of the assignment process. From doing real-time competitive research when building an assignment to quality assurance upon editing a submitted draft, Clearscope gives Growth Machine the peace of mind to confidently produce at scale. Heather writes, "Clearscope is absolutely essential to our content marketing agency, and I couldn't live without it."

Be sure to check out Growth Machine's webinar with Amanda Natividad, VP of Marketing, and Bernard Huang, cofounder of Clearscope. "The Future of SEO Starts with the Death of Classic Keyword Research" covers how search intent changes over time and what that means for your content strategy.

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