How Minuttia Boosts Organic Traffic By 120% With Clearscope

Founded: 2020
Industry: Marketing Agency
Challenge: Scaling high-quality content creation

Finding a B2B agency that creates publish-ready content is challenging. But finding an agency that drives organic growth and ROI without locking businesses into 12-month contracts is even harder.

Minuttia’s homepage, “Organic Growth Acceleration for B2B SaaS Companies”

That’s why George Chasiotis, a seasoned content marketing consultant, created Minuttia, a specialized B2B SaaS content agency, in 2020.

After using Clearscope with one of his freelance clients in 2019, George knew it was one of the first tools he wanted to add to his agency’s tech stack.

Now Clearscope helps his team of writers and strategists consistently create publish-ready content that delivers solid results to his growing client base.

Clearscope helps Minuttia achieve impressive client results, like a 123% growth in organic traffic in just nine months.

Clearscope’s quality of data gives clients confidence

While Minuttia has a full team of in-house expert writers, strategists, and editors, George wanted to use a tool that gave clients extra confidence.

Clearscope’s impressive data quality helps them create top-tier content that ranks consistently.

Following conversations with Clearscope’s founder Bernard Huang, George realized that the tool’s data quality gave it an edge over other tools on the market.

“I understood that there was more going on in the background. The tool wasn’t just scraping the top 10 search results and finding keywords based on frequency.”

Clearscope relies on models from Google Cloud Natural Language, IBM Watson, and Open AI’s GPT. The tool’s AI algorithm taps into these models so that users know that they’re not just optimizing for search engines but also for their end readers.

Even though we’ve been pitched by all these tools that have popped up in the last three and a half years… the fact remains that Clearscope has state-of-the-art data.

Clearscope looks at your keyword, reviews competitor content, and takes the key themes and essential queries to answer in your content briefs.

Each Clearscope report ranks relevant keywords by importance and suggests headers to improve your content’s flow and readability.

This process reassures clients that before Minuttia hits publish, they can see that Clearscope optimized the content.

Clearscope facilitates collaboration between Minuttia and clients

Clearscope’s user-friendly design and simple grading system make it popular with in-house team members and clients.

Minuttia grants clients access to relevant Clearscope reports and coaches them on understanding Clearscope’s grading system and other features.

The Clearscope report assigns content a grade between F and A++ based on the quality and how relevant it is according to Google’s rankings.

An A++ grade gives clients confidence that a piece of content is ready for publishing. Clients see and understand this extra level of quality that content has a high Clearscope grade before publishing.

“Despite all of the changes in our industry, three and a half years later, it [the tech] still applies to this day,” explains George. “They [the clients] want to see that Clearscope has optimized content. Long story short, that’s why we still use it.”

Clearscope streamlines content workflows and simplifies production

Minuttia needs a tool that both in-house team members and clients can use and understand.

Clearscope immediately streamlined Minuttia’s content workflows and production processes.

Clearscope has helped us streamline our [content] process and made it a very clear workflow that everyone can follow. Our process has developed during the last three and a half years. When it comes to content for search, it’s been heavily influenced by Clearscope. It makes the [content] process easier for us and the client too.

In-house, Minuttia onboards all new writers on how to use Clearscope and how it works in their content process. There are onboarding materials and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to help them get the most out of the tool.

An onboarding video walks new hires through the best practices for using the tool’s features.

How Minuttia Uses Clearscope for Content Creation & Update

Ultimately, Clearscope is intuitive for clients and team members to use.

Clearscope Reports makes creating and refreshing high-ranking content easier

All of Minuttia’s content briefs have an attached Clearscope report so clients and writers can review it.

Before anyone works on the content, they must have the Clearscope extension installed on Google Docs and know how to use it.

The improvements have been massive in two main areas. First, when we create a new piece of content and get visibility from scratch for a certain piece of content. Then, when we are updating content, we also use Clearscope as a vehicle for optimizing the content.

For instance, when Minuttia started working with a leading online course platform, the initial content audit highlighted underperforming content with a steady decline in organic visibility and traffic.

There wasn’t a clear direction when it came to content, plus there was a sizable organic visibility and topical authority gap compared to the company’s main competitors.

Using Clearscope as part of the process, Minuttia began to audit existing content and create a content inventory.

First, they defined the target audience and produced an extensive list of keywords connected to different lifecycle stages of the customer journey.

Clearscope helped them develop an Opportunity Score for each keyword to help prioritize their position in the content calendar.

By building a content inventory, the team found opportunities for content updates, content that needed to merge with other content, and content that needed removal.

Over nine months, Minuttia achieved impressive results. Their efforts caused a 123.7% increase in organic traffic and a 51.7% increase in the number of organic ranking keywords.

Clearscope makes it easier to create high-quality content at scale

Using Clearscope, Minuttia delivers impressive results for its clients. For one client in the video conferencing space, they published 50 pieces of content in less than three months. As a result, they witnessed exponential growth––ten times monthly organic traffic.

“Clearscope was a part of the process, and it definitely contributed to getting these results," says George. “And this is just one client. We’ve seen Clearscope work well and contribute to different industry categories.”

Want to scale creating high-quality content?

If the answer is yes, Clearscope may be the right fit for you. Identify new keyword opportunities, write high-quality content, and monitor content performance with Clearscope.

We’re happy to show you around and answer any questions.

You can create an account today or request a personalized demo to learn more about Clearscope and how you can leverage our platform in your SEO strategies.

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