Moosend Increases Organic Traffic by 87% with Clearscope

Founded: 2011
Industry: SaaS
Challenge: Scaling high-quality content creation
Pages optimized per month: 12

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Moosend is a modern email marketing and automation solution that drives revenue growth for e-commerce brands, publishers, and content creators. The platform offers newsletter management and personalization, a CRM tool, landing pages, e-commerce artificial intelligence (AI), and marketing analytics tracking.

The company was founded in 2011 and acquired by Sitecore in 2021. Moosend continues to operate as an independent brand under its parent organization.

Moosend homepage.

Nick Dimitriou, Head of Growth, drives user acquisition through search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. As part of that, he manages the company’s Product-Led Growth (PLG) strategies.

He also runs the Moosend Marketing Blog, which provides resources to help the beginner to advanced marketers improve their revenue growth strategies.

Initially, the blog did a great job leveraging storytelling, but it wasn’t optimized for search engine discovery. Nick needed a concrete strategy for scaling the company’s SEO efforts and a tool to help content writers create competitive posts that would rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Shifting from storytelling to SEO-focused content

Building a repeatable and scalable SEO content production process was one of Nick’s top priorities. Until then, Moosend had a dedicated in-house team that worked on link building, which helped them generate organic traffic without optimizing their content for SEO.

Nick realized they had a structure in place for distribution, but he couldn’t say the same for content production. The backlink strategy aimed to drive users to the website, but he needed a solution that would result in faster growth.

At that point, Moosend’s marketing team consisted of 15 people, three of whom were content writers. Each writer produced three long-form content pieces monthly. Nick’s team had clear content production goals but no defined processes to meet them.

He explains, “We needed Clearscope to give our writers a tunnel vision for SEO. Before using it, our content optimization was pretty ad hoc. With Clearscope, we established standard operating procedure documents for writers.”

Another obstacle for Nick was finding an SEO tool that could integrate data into their process without interrupting existing workflows.

“We have a lot of data on our hands, and we want to make more data-driven decisions without affecting the workflow of the people involved in each channel. [That’s] hard to achieve, especially when we have a small team of people who tackle lots of tasks  simultaneously.”

Using Clearscope to streamline SEO content production

Nick manages a small team of writers, so he needed a tool to help them achieve more with fewer resources. Moosend was able to integrate Clearscope into their entire SEO content production process and build a repeatable workflow that enabled them to scale their operations.

Moosend was able to integrate Clearscope into their entire SEO content production process and build a repeatable workflow that enabled them to scale their operations.

Nick states that “the biggest problem Clearscope solved was creating outlines. Before creating a structure, we were just freestyling. Now, our writers use Clearscope to make outlines, and we review them before building new content.”

So Moosend’s writers started to plan their content with SEO in mind by using Clearscope during the outline stage. Previously, the team didn’t have a standardized approach to make it happen, which made it difficult to apply SEO best practices later.

In addition, creating standard outline templates made it easier for Nick to identify which pieces they could use to promote the product and drive more revenue through their content strategy.

Once the outlines were ready, Nick’s writers could integrate SEO tactics into their writing process without sacrificing storytelling.

Nick mentions that “the Google Docs plugin is really useful for writers. It doesn’t interfere with their main process, and they don’t have to go to an external website, which is great for them.”

The plugin makes Clearscope’s AI-powered keyword recommendations available in Google Docs. So, writers can incorporate them as they work instead of logging into a keyword research tool and trying to fit keywords in at the end.

As a tool, Clearscope supported the editing process and eliminated the need for new full-time hires. Nick explains, “We streamlined our process and didn’t need to hire an editor because Clearscope helps us with that.”

Nick’s team was already skilled at writing with end users in mind. Adding Clearscope to the process ensured that they also covered SEO.

Improved content quality leads to sustainable organic traffic growth

“After using Clearscope for two years, we grew our organic traffic by 87%. We went from approximately one million in sessions to two million in sessions,” Nick notes.

With Clearscope, Moosend was able to turn an ad hoc SEO content production process into an efficient and scalable workflow.

Nick’s team can use Clearscope to work more efficiently during the outlining, writing, and editing stages. This enabled them to increase their monthly publishing volume, which further supported their SEO strategy.

Clearscope’s data-driven recommendations also improved Moosend’s ability to rank for higher intent keywords and drive more qualified leads to the website. “Clearscope helped us streamline the production process and increase the quality of our content,” Nick says.

Before using Clearscope, Nick’s team relied heavily on content distribution and link building to rank their content on SERPs.

Nick wanted to see how much Clearscope had improved its content production. So, he tested it out by publishing a piece without using any link-building or distribution tactics. He says, “We were able to go to the number one spot in three weeks by using only Clearscope.”

Instead of relying solely on link building, his team has built a robust content optimization process with Clearscope that can compete with other top articles. Nick says, “I don’t see a world where we don’t use Clearscope. We’ve reached the point where we can’t live without it.”

I don’t see a world where we don’t use Clearscope. We’ve reached the point where we can’t live without it.

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