How Pipedrive Doubled Their Website Traffic with Clearscope

Founded: 2010
Industry: SaaS
Challenge: Scaling high-quality content creation
Pages optimized per month: 28

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Creating high-quality and top-ranking content for one market is challenging enough. But the sales CRM platform Pipedrive has the added challenge of creating content for five different languages: English, Portuguese, French, German, and Spanish.

To help them with this, the content marketing team at Pipedrive turned to Clearscope. And within a year of using the tool, the number of website sessions doubled in the French and German markets. And for their English market, sessions increased by 50%.

Clearscope's grading system provides an extra level of security and confidence

Pipedrive has been around for nearly a decade and has a robust content creation and SEO optimization process.

"We've got a lot of experienced SEO people at the company. So we can follow all the right optimization or content creation steps to get something working from an SEO perspective," explains William Sigsworth, Head of content at Pipedrive. "And we can be fairly confident that it will work."

But Pipedrive wanted an additional tool to give them a sense of security and confidence in their actions. Clearscope's content grading system has given them a guide for creating content that ranks.

Now instead of only using gut instinct, William runs a report on Clearscope. Then he weaves the recommended related terms from the report throughout the piece of content.

He does this for all their search-optimized website content, whether it's an article, a landing page, or a comparison page.

The Clearscope report assigns a grade between ​​F and A++ based on the quality of the content and how relevant it is according to Google's rankings.

"The grading system gives you that extra level of confidence from a completely unbiased perspective," adds William. "It's a simple machine. It tells you if it thinks the content will perform well, and more often than not, it does."

The grading system gives you that extra level of confidence from a completely unbiased perspective.

Additionally, because it can take a couple of months to see dividends from SEO, Clearscope's grading system also gives William an extra level of assurance when discussing content performance with senior management. He delivers reports to senior management on a monthly, sometimes weekly, basis. The grading system reassures leadership that the team is moving in the right direction with their content optimization plans.

"I can say to my superiors, 'Look, this is what we've done; this is how we've improved it, and we've got an A+ score in Clearscope. So we can expect it to go up three or four rankings in a month or so.' "

Clearscope Reports makes keyword optimization easier

When Pipedrive started optimizing content with Clearscope for their French and German markets, William also noticed that the tool cut the time it took them to optimize content by about a third.

"Optimizing the German and French content with Clearscope gave us more confidence to drive forward and not second guess ourselves, which could have slowed us down considerably," he says.

When they optimized content for the Spanish market, Pipedrive needed to start using Clearscope. And although they saw good results, it took them two to three times longer to get any content out the door.

Using Clearscope for their French and German markets has reduced the time it takes to optimize content and increased traffic on the website for these markets. In one year, the number of sessions doubled on the Pipedrive website for those markets.

Clearscope's Outline Builder simplifies and speeds up content production

To help create content for all its markets, Pipedrive works with fifteen freelancers. Each freelancer has different levels of SEO experience and knowledge. Therefore, William must create a simple content brief for all writers to understand.

A content brief gives writers everything they need to know to produce high-quality content. It adds structure to the content and creates a more consistent experience for the entire content team.

The word brief is deceptive. Most content briefs include everything from a suggested title and keywords to audience information and where the content fits in the marketing funnel. You might also see the following:

  • Notes on the style and tone

  • Questions the content should answer

  • Recommended word count

  • Other related topics

These details make the writing process faster. It also minimizes the amount of editorial work later. However, because briefs sometimes require a significant amount of detail, crafting one can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the content creation process.

Clearscope's Outline Builder simplifies the process. The tool scans through competitor outlines and builds an outline formatted for the best SEO results. The outline includes headings, questions, and subtopics. This information can be included in content briefs and sent to writers.

Creating a brief now takes William a quarter of the time it did without Clearscope. "I can plug what I need into Clearscope. And then after I've made a few tweaks from a tone of voice and branding perspective, I send over the brief as is," says William.

In addition, he has found that a brief created and sent through Clearscope is much simpler for their freelancers to understand than other platforms, especially for someone unfamiliar with SEO.

"It's definitely helped me to get them up to a decent level of understanding when creating SEO content. They can start with the brief and go from there," added William.

After creating the brief, William shares the link to the report with a writer. They can immediately start working in the Text Editor. And once the article is complete, William reviews the work and addresses any issues with the writer.

William appreciates how streamlined his process has become. "Clearscope is worth the investment. It'll give you that extra productivity when briefing. Extra confidence when talking to your superiors. And extra learning material when supporting others who might not know SEO as well as you."

Increase your website traffic with Clearscope

For a long time, if you wanted to boost SEO rankings and drive traffic to your website, you needed to hire an SEO specialist to handle that for you.

He does this for all their search-optimized website content. Whether it's an article, a landing page, or a comparison page built using artificial intelligence, it constantly evolves so you can keep up with the fast-changing SEO landscape.

Plus, our tool automatically updates your content grade score. So you will always know how your content performs relative to your competitors and changes in search intent.

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