Webflow Exceeds 130% Organic Traffic Growth with Clearscope

Founded: 2012
Industry: SaaS
Challenge: Scaling quality content creation
Pages optimized per month: 15

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Webflow gives designers the power to build professional and custom websites in a visual canvas with no-code. The tech firm became a unicorn in January 2021 with a $140M Series B round, bringing its total valuation to $2.1 billion. Webflow is an industry leader in the no-code design sector where interest and demand has grown exponentially over the last two years. The Webflow blog is a resource for newcomers to learn more about the current state of design and how to use the platform. Omid Ghiam, Organic Growth Manager at Webflow, created a blog content strategy that successfully converted into sign-ups. He needed to solve the problem of scaling it from a hands-on manual process to a system enhanced by automation.

The Clearscope solution to scaling content production

Finding the right toolkit to scale the process was top-of-mind for Omid. His manual process created a successful Webflow strategy, but it wasn’t sustainable for a growing team. “I needed to spend less time creating these outlines and more time figuring out how to scale this team,” Omid says. “I saw that Clearscope was the tool to do that process.”

The Webflow blog has many contributors, from employees to freelance writers. Omid needed a tool that would scale his inherent SEO writing knowledge with writers who weren’t as knowledgeable. “We are a small team and this feature was important for us because we work with a lot of external contributors -- freelancers, contractors, and our customers. All these people help us create content.”

Keeping content production steady and content quality high was top of mind. Webflow found Clearscope’s interface easy to onboard writers to and easy to manage as the account admin. “Getting Clearscope adopted by the team was pretty easy,” Omid notes, “because the tool allows you to share reports with anyone (regardless if they have a Clearscope account or not).”

Consistent execution leads to compounding results

In the past year of [using Clearscope], our organic SEO traffic has increased by more than 130% — making us reach even more thousands of visitors a day on our blog

“Webflow’s great SEO features and Clearscope’s great content recommendation features are a great combo for driving sustainable organic traffic.” With such strong initial results, the question Omid faced was how to scale the content creation process.

Webflow knew that no tools are a substitute for an uninformed content strategy. Results compound when the strategy is consistent. Omid says, “I knew execution mattered... That’s where the 130% traffic growth comes from in 2020. Constant output of articles and doing proper keyword research. Creating outlines, assigning them to our writers. Constant execution is really what leads to organic growth from content. These tools help.”

The organic traffic growth Webflow experienced continued through 2020. Net-new pieces of Webflow content are seeing the residual effects of maintaining a quality archive. Omid says, "It takes us anywhere from a few days to a few months to start ranking on the first page of results for the keywords we're going after."

An SEO writing tool that “gets” Google

A strong SEO strategist, Omid appreciated the transparency and clarity of how Clearscope makes high-quality term recommendations. Clearscope checks content against the two industry leaders in natural language processing (NLP): Google Cloud Natural Language and IBM’s Watson AI. Webflow focuses on the idea of distribution-led content creation, or the practice of creating content for the medium onto which it’s published.

When I came across Clearscope over a year ago, I booked a demo with [co-founder] Bernard Huang. When he explained how Clearscope’s algorithm worked, I was like, ‘Yep, that’s it. That’s the one.’ You can tell the team who built it really understands the concept of distribution-led content creation -- it’s brilliant.

Webflow's content strategy has a strong foundation of SEO fundamentals. Tools should amplify strategy, and not hold it back. Omid says, "Without a proper strategy, no tool is going to save you. If you have a proper content strategy in place, Clearscope helps you ensure people will actually see your content.”

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