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Can I exclude terms and domains from my Content Reports?

Clearscope allows you to filter terms and set scraping rules for terms and domains you want to exclude from your Content Reports.

In order to set up term filtering and scraping rules on your account, go to your “Account” drop-down menu and select the “Settings” option.

Settings option in Account drop-down menu

Once you’re on your Organization Settings screen, click the “Advanced” tab to add a filtered term and/or create a scraping rule.

Advanced tab of Organization Settings

Term Filtering

Term filtering prevents specified terms from appearing in your Content Reports. While we’re improving our natural language processing, adding filtered terms can help you when certain low-relevance terms show up frequently.

It’s important to note that filtering a term won’t affect previous Content Reports you’ve generated and may influence the way Clearscope grades your content.

Scraping Rules

You can also customize how we scrape your and competitors' webpages using scraping rules.

To do so, select the “Scraping rules” option on the “Advanced” tab. Then click the “+ Add scraping rule” button.

Scraping rules created for your account's Content Reports

This opens a modal where you can enter the domain URL you want to exclude and whether you want to block the domain from Content Report analysis, disable the scrolling on the URL when Clearscope scrapes the content, and/or enter a CSS selector (which means we will only scrape the page segment corresponding to the CSS selector indicated).

New scraping rule modal
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