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How do I export my Content Reports list?

We offer two types of comma separated value (CSV) exports for all your Content Reports: a downloadable file or linked Google Docs one.

In order to export up to the first 5,000 Content Reports on your Clearscope account, navigate to the “All Reports” screen and select the “Export” button.

Export button on the All Reports screen

You will then see the two export options mentioned above.

Export options available

After selecting an option, the Report CSV file will detail the following for each Content Report created (as applicable):

  • Query

  • Language

  • Google locale country

  • Created at timestamp

  • User email

  • Tags

  • Editor URL

  • Content Grade

  • Word Count

  • Flesch-Kincaid (FK) Level

  • Suggested Content Grade

  • Typical Word Count

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