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How do I export terms?

In order to export the list of terms generated through a Content Report, you need to:

1. Open the Editor for the Content Report in which you want the list of important terms

Access the Editor for a specific Content Report

2. Once the Editor opens, you will see the Terms tab is the default view on the right-side bar. The Terms tab highlights the number of relevant terms for the query according to the Content Report analysis (number in parentheses next to “Terms”) as well as the list of the recommended terms to cover for topical relevance.

Terms tab in the Editor

3. Click the Export button to download a comma-separated value (CSV) file of the relevant terms list

Export button in the Terms tab

The CSV file includes the following categories:

  • Primary variant of the term

  • Secondary variants (if applicable)

  • Importance

  • Heading Presence

  • Typical uses minimum

  • Typical uses maximum

  • Uses (or number of times the term is used in the current draft)

  • Semantic group

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