Crazy Effective Conversion Strategies for SEO Content by Tom Shapiro (Stratabeat)

Bernard Huang

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Your organic search traffic strategies are only as good as your ability to CONVERT the traffic into leads and top-line revenue. Join guest speaker Tom Shapiro, CEO at Stratabeat, for a presentation on "Crazy Effective Conversion Strategies for SEO Content".

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About Tom Shapiro:

Tom Shapiro is author of the book "Rethink Your Marketing" and the CEO of Stratabeat, a B2B organic growth agency. Previously, Tom was Director of Digital Strategy at iProspect, helping the company to grow from 85 to 700+ employees within five years.

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About Stratabeat:

Stratabeat is a B2B organic growth agency, focusing on SEO, content development, content marketing, design, ABM, and conversion optimization. Using neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral science, Stratabeat leverages brain science to generate greater marketing results for clients.

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Written by
Bernard Huang
Co-founder of Clearscope
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