Flip the Script with Product-Led SEO by Eli Schwartz (Author of Product-Led SEO)

Bernard Huang

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Join guest speaker Eli Schwartz—author of Product-Led SEO and consultant for companies like Coinbase, Gusto, Automattic and more—for a discussion on "Flip the Script with Product-Led SEO".

The webinar will cover topics like:

  • What is Product-Led SEO?

  • Focusing on the searcher instead of search engines

  • How to think about Product-Led SEO

  • Using surveys, customer data, and customer support to inform content

  • How to work with other departments to implement Product-Led SEO

  • Why you need to focus on conversions, not SEO

  • TAM vs search volume

  • Improving your brand helps with SEO

  • How long Product-Led SEO changes will take before impact

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About Eli Schwartz:

Eli is the author of Product-Led SEO and has helped enterprises and startups develop and implement growth strategies to scale their organic visibility in search. Clients include Coinbase, Gusto, Automattic, Insight Timer, Getaround, Handshake, Faire, Mixpanel, BlueNile, ThePillClub, G2, AllTrails, Gametime, and others.

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About "Product-Led SEO":

When it comes to SEO, success often depends not on what you do but on how you do it. That is why Product-Led SEO digs deep into the logic and theory of SEO instead of offering step-by-step guidelines and techniques. You will learn to develop your own best practices and see where most SEO strategies go astray. If your main goal is driving traffic, you are leaving sales on the table.

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Bernard Huang
Co-founder of Clearscope
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