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Your AI Overviews (SGE) Optimization Framework with Garrett Sussman of iPullRank

Bernard Huang
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Can you optimize your content for Google's new AI Overviews (formerly SGE)?

On Thursday, June 27 at 11 AM CT, join us as Clearscope hosts Garrett Sussman of iPullRank for what is sure to be an enlightening (and timely) educational session.

Garrett will be teaching you a framework for optimizing your content to show up in AI Overviews (formerly Search Generative Experience, or SGE) independent of brand authority.

So you really should be there.

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If you have specific questions about SGE for Garrett and can't be on the call, submit them here ahead of the event.

In this session, Garrett will uncover how:

  • AI Overviews use Retrieval Augmented Generation to produce the AI snapshot based on relevant content.

  • AI Overviews do not use the same algorithms as traditional search and what AIO is thought to prioritize instead.

  • AI Overviews offer a few content formats that can be replicated but require extensive testing and monitoring.

  • You can check your content's relevance with tools like MarketBrew's SGE Visualizer.

About Garrett Sussman:

Garrett has worked in marketing for over fourteen years across a number of disciplines including, content marketing, demand generation, affiliate marketing, and SEO.

Garrett previously led marketing at online review SaaS startup (acquired by Traject in 2019). He’s hosted 2 SEO podcasts, recorded over 150 podcast episodes and recently presented at MozCon for the first time.

His passion for SEO and content contributes to the creative exploits of iPullRank’s marketing.

Follow Garrett on LinkedIn or Twitter/X.

About iPullRank:

iPullRank is a New York City based digital marketing agency behind Fortune 500s’ winning digital strategies. iPullRank is made up of a team of marketing experts that has driven over $1 billion in incremental revenue for their clients. iPullRank's methods are strategy-first and data-driven, focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Strategy, Analytics, Reporting, Marketing Automation, Site Architecture, and Marketing Technology, using techniques inspired by industry thought leader Michael King.

Written by
Bernard Huang
Co-founder of Clearscope
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