It's All In The Brief — How to SEOptimise Content Briefs for Writers by Rejoice Ojiaku (BDigitalUK)

Bernard Huang

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If you don't give somebody instructions on how to build something, or don't give someone a recipe on how to make something, how do you expect that they create what you want?

Many content teams give little to no guidance but expect A+ content from the start.

A well defined content brief is the instruction manual and recipe that SEO content writers need to ensure that they are hitting all the relevant subtopics and business objectives. And guess what?

Everyone has a different approach to building out content briefs. The more perspectives you have on how others are producing briefs—here's a panel we hosted 6 months ago about content briefs: —the better you can craft a content brief that works for you and your organization.

Join guest speaker Rejoice Ojiaku from B-DigitalUK, a community for Black Digital Marketers, for a discussion on "It's All In The Brief: How to SEOptimise Your Content Briefs for Writers".

The webinar will cover the ins and outs of why you need to be briefing your SEO content writers to get consistently high quality content that ranks. She will be covering concepts like:

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About Rejoice Ojiaku:

Rejoice is an SEO Manager focused on Content SEO. She is the Co-Founder and Content Lead for B-DigitalUK, a community for Black Digital Marketers. Rejoice has been in the industry for almost 5 years and is passionate about tackling Diversity & Inclusion.

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About B-DigitalUK:

A digital marketing platform aimed at Black people. Showcasing and inspiring Black Talent.

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Bernard Huang
Co-founder of Clearscope
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