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Mapping Your Purchase Journey to Content and Keywords for B2B SaaS by John-Henry Scherck (Growth Plays)

Bernard Huang

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We hosted John-Henry Scherck, Owner of Growth Plays for a webinar on "Mapping Your Purchase Journey to Content and Keywords for B2B SaaS".

This presentation on B2B SEO strategy walks you through:

  • the differences between Content Led SEO and Product Led SEO

  • why it's extremely important to have landing pages for each stage of the buyer's journey

  • examples of landing pages that provide frictionless user experiences

  • how to figure out the range of keywords you need to target for top of funnel (ToFu), middle of funnel (MoFu), and bottom of funnel (BoFu)

  • best practices on "vs" and "alternatives" pages

  • how to think about "what is" and [category] + software pages

  • ideas on convincing leadership teams to create competitor pages

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About John-Henry:

John-Henry Scherck is the owner of Growth Plays, a B2B SEO & Content Strategy service based in Los Angeles.

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About Growth Plays:

The Growth Plays team works with founders, investors, marketing and revenue operations leaders to plan, build and refine B2B SEO initiatives that map to the purchase journey using a common sense approach.

Written by
Bernard Huang
Co-founder of Clearscope
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