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Winning SGE with UGC — Tory Gray of The Gray Dot Company

Bernard Huang

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Are you wondering how to start or refine a user-generated content strategy to compete in the SERPs?

Tory Gray—CEO of The Gray Dot Co., an SEO, Data & Market Intelligence Company—shares her expert knowledge on building a user-generated content program (UGC) that's optimized for SEO in Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) world.

In this session, you're going to get a solid framework for exploring or refining your own program. This session will:

  • Connect the dots between the plans and developments by Google that have made UGC so impactful, from forum-focused results to AI-generated search.

  • Provide real examples of what counts as UGC with SEO impact and how sites are leveraging it today.

  • Illustrate how to include brand safeguards in your UGC submissions program to mitigate negative business impact.

  • Cover a framework that ensures high-quality submissions and minimizes moderation.

  • Explain how to build an automated publishing pipeline for UGC with considerations for keeping thin content issues at bay.

  • Share the keys to avoiding any issues downstream (and in turn, avoid using valuable internal resources to fix them).

Top 5 takeaways from Tory Gray's session

  1. User-generated content (UGC) programs are beneficial in creating new information that people find helpful (and possibly can create information gain or authority within your topic), which is important to staying competitive in the current search landscape.

  2. People want to hear from people! We all tire of consensus content and seek out unique insights, first-person experiences, and detailed reviews to help us make decisions. A UGC program provides those opportunities for your target audience.

  3. UGC is beyond and bigger than just SEO. Creating a successful and sustainable UGC program requires work across teams and has benefits outside of SEO and marketing goals.

  4. UGC is a lot of work, but it can be worth it. It takes a lot to start and run a UGC program—and plenty of marketing and developer resources. But it is not easily replicated, and UGC content can be used across marketing channels.

  5. Boost program success by securing buy-in. Craft a comprehensive business case for the UGC initiative to foster greater support across teams. Read How to Create an SEO Business Case That Gets Traction from The Gray Dot Co blog for more tips.

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About Tory

Tory Gray is CEO and Founder of the boutique digital marketing agency Gray Dot Co, where she brings a fresh perspective (and a little levity!) to search marketing, market intelligence, and data. In her 15+ years in the industry, she’s become a dynamic SEO leader with a keen ability to spin up big-picture strategies backed by the numbers. Her knack for knowledge-sharing and human kindness shine as a business leader, senior SEO advisor, and passionate mentor in the Women in Tech SEO community.

Find Tory on LinkedIn or Twitter/X.

About The Gray Dot Company

The Gray Dot Company—aka the Gray Dot Co—is a boutique digital marketing agency connecting the dots between SEO, market insights, and analytics. Our intelligence-first approach leverages game-changing data about your audience and brand to unlock meaningful strategies that break through the “meh.” Women-owned and value-driven, we’re collaborators-over-consultants reimagining what it means to work with an agency.

Written by
Bernard Huang
Co-founder of Clearscope
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