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May 2024 product updates: AI-assisted outlines for all!

Amanda Johnson
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    Our latest product updates are designed with one goal in mind: to equip you to dominate search rankings, make smart content strategy decisions, and simplify your workflow.

    Here’s what we’re covering this month:

    • AI-generated outlines are now available for all users. (Yep, you read that right!)

    • New Page Details surface your top queries that bring in organic traffic.

    Take a quick walk through the announcement in this Loom video here.

    BIG announcement: AI-Generated Outlines for ALL

    Find your AI Outline generator under Clearscope Reports. Click "Insert" in the top of the editor. Select "Create Outline."

    Last month, we rolled out our new AI-Generated Outline feature for Business and Enterprise plans.

    But guess what?! We're now rolling it out across all Clearscope clients.

    AI-generated outlines are now available no matter your subscription level.

    This convenient feature leverages cutting-edge AI to generate SEO-focused and detailed outlines that guide your content creation process, ensuring every piece is built for success.

    But here's the thing: We’re stopping at AI-generated outlines.

    We still believe that subject matter experts (SMEs) and content teams are where true value and information gain is added in people-first content—and that people-first content makes the web a better place.

    This is a fast-changing industry, and stances on AI have been changing fast, too, so we’re open to your feedback.

    We've found that clients who do like to use AI-assisted content generation processes have specific tools and security preferences.

    By offering an AI-generated, SEO-focused outline that is based on the search intent of your Clearscope Report, you can integrate it into your existing preferences.

    Use Cases for the new AI Outlines feature:

    1. Streamline Content Creation: Jumpstart your writing process with AI-generated outlines that provide a clear, organized structure.

    2. Consistency Across Teams: Ensure uniformity in content quality and structure across your internal team and external writing partners, enhancing overall brand uniformity.

    3. Boost Productivity: Reduce the time spent on planning and outlining, allowing your team to focus on creating high-quality content. (Three cheers for a simplified, streamlined workflow!)

    4. Integrate into Production Processes: Some teams like using AI to help build a first draft—some don't. How you use your AI-generated outline is in your control. You do you.

    New Page Details feature: Top Queries

    Select the page URL that you'd like to inspect from your Content Inventory. View the top three organic queries in the sidebar.

    Understanding what drives traffic to your pages is crucial.

    Our new Top Queries feature displays the top three queries bringing organic traffic to each page in your Content Inventory, leveraging Google Search Console (GSC) data.

    That way, you can easily see this information all in one place.

    Example Use Cases:

    1. Keyword Optimization: Identify which keywords are performing well and optimize your content to rank even higher.

    2. Content Strategy: Gain insights into user intent, helping you create content that answers your audience's most pressing questions.

    3. Performance Monitoring: Take a closer look at best-performing pages top queries to track how changes in your content affect organic traffic, enabling you to make data-informed adjustments.

    We’ve changed how you search and filter within the Content Inventory

    While this isn't a “feature announcement” so to speak, it bears mentioning.

    You now are able to search and filter your Content Inventory under the Pages tab with increased specificity.

    (So if you’re looking for the old search bar, well, that’s why it’s missing.)

    You can search your entire inventory by:

    • Title

    • URL

    • Content Inventory tags

    • Page notice types

    • The number of internal links to other Content Inventory pages

    And you can now refine your searches in the Content Inventory by the following commands:

    • Contains

    • Does not contain

    • Is exactly

    Why these updates matter

    These new Clearscope features are here to give you real benefits for your SEO and content strategy.

    And we're not sure if you can tell, but we're prepping the platform for some really kick-a$$ analytics features coming soon.

    (Remember how the Content Analytics graphs moved around last month? Our team is still building away...)

    For more information about these updates or to schedule a demo to see them in action, reach out to our team—we’re here to help you stay ahead of the curve.

    Written by
    Amanda Johnson
    Senior Marketing Manager at Clearscope
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