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Getting Started: Content Reports

Content Reports are Clearscope’s analysis of top search engine results pages (SERPs) for a targeted query. We house Content Reports in an Editor to grade SEO-optimized content in real-time with keyword, heading, and question suggestions for a specific topic.

How do I get to the Create Report screen?

Clearscope Content Reports offer in-depth insights on a term or phrase used in a search page. We walk you through how to create Clearscope Reports, audit existing content, and manage your report history.

There are a few ways to get to the Create Report screen:

1. From the Keyword Discovery screen: Once you’ve decided which query you want to target, click on the Content Reports icon that appears when you scroll over the keyword you want. This icon is located next to the Google icon which opens up the current SERP for that particular keyword.

Create a Content Report from the Keyword Discovery results page

2. From the Clearscope homepage: Select the All Reports link on the left sidebar underneath Content Reports or “Optimize your content” button listed under Content Reports on the home screen

Go to the "Create report" screen from the Clearscope home page

How do I create a Content Report?

1. On the “Create report” screen, enter the query you’re interested in analyzing into the text field and select which Google search location and language you want Clearscope to generate a SERP analysis on.

Enter a single query in the "Create report" search bar

Note: You can also create multiple Content Reports simultaneously by using the “Batch” function where you enter up to 100 queries at a time (and the associated URLs if applicable). Select the Google search locale and language as well.

Batch queries and the associated URLS (optional) to run multiple Content Reports at once

2. Click the “Run report(s)” button for Clearscope to begin analyzing the query SERPs and create a Content Report

Generate Content Reports by selecting the "Run report" button

3. A progress bar will appear in the “Recent reports” section of the page to showcase the status of the Clearscope analysis. It should only take a few minutes to complete.

Progress bar for Clearscope creating a Content Report

4. Once the SERP analysis is finished and the Content Report created, click the “Editor” button to use Clearscope’s in-app text editor to create content based on the Content Report analysis

Access the Content Report within Clearscope's in-app text editor, Editor

5. Start drafting content in the Editor with Clearscope's insights from the Content Report analysis

Add text to see Clearscope's Editor provide real-time grading based on the Content Report analysis


For more information on keyword research, learn from industry experts by listening or watching Clearscope webinars and browsing our blog.

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