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Getting Started: Keyword Discovery

Research keywords by search volume, trending terms, and uncover questions to write about. Enter a broad search query or URL to discover relevant, frequently-searched keywords based on intelligent language algorithms and trusted search volume data.

How do I start using Keyword Discovery?

Not sure which keywords or search intents you want to target? Clearscope's Keyword Discovery helps you fine-tune your content strategy.

Follow these steps to do keyword research with Keyword Discovery:

1. Select the Keyword Discovery link underneath Topic Research on the left-side menu on Clearscope’s homepage

The multiple ways to access the Keyword Discovery feature

2. Once you’re on the Keyword Discovery page, enter a query you’re interested in researching or a URL you want to explore to determine keyword opportunities into the text field

Research a targeted query
Explore a URL's content for targeted and relevant keywords

3. Select the correct Google search locale and language for your keyword research and click the “Run” button to start Clearscope’s Keyword Discovery analysis.

4. Keyword Discovery will take a few moments to complete the analysis and load the keyword results page. A progress bar will appear to showcase Clearscope is working on the analysis.

Keyword Discovery progress bar when loading results

5. When the results page loads, you successfully ran a Keyword Discovery analysis!

Keyword Discovery analysis results page
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