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How can I download my invoice(s) and receipt(s)?

TLDR: Account > Settings > Billings & credits > Subscription info section > “View invoice history” link

Note: You need to be an Admin role on the Clearscope account to access these Settings.

Where do I find my account’s invoices and receipts?

1. Select your the Account drop-down menu and click the “Settings” option

Settings option within the Account drop-down menu

2. Click the “Billing & credits” tab on your Organization Settings screen

Billing & credits tab

3. Find the “Subscription info” section header. At the bottom of this section, there is a “View invoice history” link to click.

View invoice history link

How do I download my account’s invoices and receipts?

4. Click the “View invoice history” link and an “Invoice history” box will appear in the middle of the screen

5. Select the “...” button for a menu to “View” or “Download PDF” of the invoice or receipt, depending on the status.

Note: If you need additional information amended on your invoice, such as Address or VAT, please contact our Support team at so we can make the adjustment.

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