Support CenterBilling and CreditsHow do I change my Clearscope subscription?

How do I change my Clearscope subscription?

TLDR: Account > Settings > Billing & credits tab > View plan options link

1. Select your the Account drop-down menu and click the “Settings” option

Settings option within the Account drop-down menu

2. Click the “Billing & credits” tab on your Organization Settings screen

Billing & credits tab

3. Select the "View plan options" link to see the subscriptions available

View plan options link

We're also happy to help you upgrade, downgrade, or adjust the billing cycle (monthly or annual) of your Clearscope subscription.

To start this conversation, please contact our Support team at with details on how much content you typically produce on a monthly basis as well as the number of published content that you want to monitor for fluctuations in performance. This gives us insight into what subscription would best fit your business needs.

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