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How do I update my payment method?

TLDR: Account > Settings > Billings & credits > Scroll to “Payment method” section

Note: You need to be an Admin role on the Clearscope account to access Settings.

Where do I find my account’s payment method?

1. Select your the Account drop-down menu and click the “Settings” option

Settings option within the Account drop-down menu

2. Click the “Billing & credits” tab on your Organizational Settings screen

Billing & credits tab

3. Scroll down the page until you find the “Payment method” section header, which shows the most recent way your Clearscope subscription was paid for.

How do I change my payment method?

Credit or debit card

If you most recently paid with a debit or credit card, click the “Edit payment method” hyperlink. Doing so opens the “Edit payment method” screen to add new card details. Select the “Save” button to complete the update.


If you previously paid by invoice and want to update to a different payment method, please contact our Support team at for assistance changing your payment process.

What if I’m not an Admin role on the Clearscope account?

Please contact our Support team at if you need to set up a new Admin for your Clearscope account.

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