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How do plan addons work?

Clearscope plans come with an included amount of credits for each feature in the platform—Content Reports, Content Inventory Pages, and Queries. Plan addons give you flexibility to customize your plan based on your team needs.

Plan addons are automatically billed to your subscription if you exceed your included credit type. You can find the current addon rates on our Pricing page.

Plan addon calculation example

For example, let's say you're subscribed to the Clearscope Essentials plan with the following details:

  • $189 per month

  • 20 Content Reports

  • 100 Content Inventory pages (+$25 per additional 100 pages)

  • 50 Monitored Queries (+$35 per additional 50 queries)

And you decide to add a total of 175 Content Inventory pages and use 125 Monitored Queries. Clearscope plan addons would kick in and your total monthy bill would be $294 per month:

  • $189 per month + $25 (for additional 100 pages) + $70 (for additional 100 Queries)

Your plan details then becomes:

  • $284 per month

  • 20 Content Reports

  • 175 used of 200 Content Inventory pages

  • 125 used of 150 Monitored Queries

Where can I find my plan details and addon pricing?

You can find your included credits and plan addons by visiting your "Settings" and navigating to "Billing & credits":

Click on the Account dropdown in the top-right of the nav bar, then click on Settings, and then navigate to "Billing & credits". Please note you must be an account "admin" to view this page.

Each Clearscope plan comes with an included amount of Content Report, Content Inventory, and Query credits. As you use more credits, we'll automatically adjust your subscription with plan addons to serve your needs:

Subscription and addon information on your Billing & credits page

Please contact our Support team at if you have any questions.

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