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What do I do if my payment fails?

We use Stripe as our billing platform and its system notifies us when your payment method fails. Any failed payment notices you receive in Clearscope are based on responses your issuing bank sends to Stripe to clarify what happened.

We also automatically retry the payment method we have on file four times over the following three weeks.

Here are the issues we see frequently and how to address them:

Payment declined by the issuing bank

Your issuing bank declined the payment for the transaction. As a result, you can either contact your bank for more information or use a different card or payment method.

Insufficient funds

You can either use a different payment method or retry again once there are enough funds for the transaction.

Card expired

Update the card on file in your account by updating your billing method in Clearscope.

Incorrect card number or CVC

Another example of needing to update the card on file in your Clearscope account by correcting your billing method information in Clearscope.

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