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    Content marketing strategy

    Infuse soul into your content with Tommy Walker

    Tommy Walker, founder of The Content Studio, shared how to infuse soul into your content creation process.

    Tommy sums it up with three axioms of content marketing:

    1. A good premise will get you 80% of the way there

    2. Content is a form of social currency

    3. Decisions are made in Slack

    Tommy is the founder of The Content Studio, a content marketing consultancy for high-growth B2B SaaS startups and Fortune 1,000 enterprises.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    How to build an integrated content marketing program with Tracey Wallace

    Tracey Wallace of Klaviyo led a talk on how she builds an integrated content marketing program.

    She provided a framework that you can apply to your content program today.

    Tracey covered the following:

    • Why follow an integrated content marketing approach?

    • How to lay the groundwork: Content triggers & content formats

    • How content processes flow for integrated content marketing

    • Why you need to earn internal trust to lay this foundation

    • Why you need to create pleasant content experiences

    Tracey is the Director of Content Strategy at Klaviyo, where she works to educate eCommerce marketers on the future of brand building, data ownership, and owned marketing in general. She also writes a weekly newsletter called Contentment on how to run content marketing teams without burning out.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    How to build topical authority with George Chasiotis

    George Chasiotis of MINUTTIA led a talk on how to build topical authority for your website. George did a deep dive by sharing his step-by-step process for building topical authority for your website with results from actual clients.

    Here are our biggest takeaways from George’s talk:

    • Identify the breadth of your topic by expanding outside your direct topic.

    • Develop visibility for the topic areas by going deep into each.

    • Keyword research process is broken down into: Seed terms > Semantic terms > Branded terms > Content > Search intent classification > Assign opportunity score & prioritize.

    George is the Managing Director of MINUTTIA, an organic growth acceleration agency for B2B SaaS companies.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    B2B SEO content teardowns with Grow and Convert

    Benji and Devesh of Grow & Convert reviewed B2B SEO content pieces live. They reviewed seven content pieces, from blog posts to landing pages and help desk articles.

    Here are a few details that stood out to us:

    • Your content needs to stand out and be original. Instead of matching the content covered by SERP competitors verbatim, you should add “originality nuggets.”

    • Use the SERPs to identify the searchers’ intent, then build your content around the intent. And allow the SERPs to decide the content type and structure.

    • Blog posts allow you to dig into the nuance that answers the query thoroughly and gets the conversion. Landing page templates are often too rigid by design.

    Grow & Convert is a fully done-for-you content marketing service focused on driving actual leads and revenue.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    Why tangential content is crucial for your site’s authority, and traffic with Amanda Milligan

    Amanda Milligan of Stacker Studio joined the Clearscope webinar to share why tangential content is crucial to a site’s success.

    Amanda breaks down the tangential content and why it deserves a place in your content strategy. Tangential content focuses on elevating your brand and expanding your reach. It should always resonate with your audience and industry.

    Our biggest takeaways from Amanda’s tal

    • Tangential content comes after you’ve nailed your bottom-of-the-funnel content. It’s more about building your brand.

    • Tangential content needs to be relevant to your target audience and industry.

    • Data is a great way to create tangential content (Amanda shares some tips for collecting data in the Q&A - Watch the recording on-demand here).

    • Tangential content’s goal is not conversions. It mixes brand awareness, brand authority, and high-quality backlinks.

    Amanda is the Head of Marketing at Stacker Studio. Her expertise has been published in Entrepreneur, Forbes, TechCrunch, Search Engine Land, Moz, and more.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    Find new search intent opportunities with JR Oakes

    JR Oakes of LOCOMOTIVE walked through how to find new search intent opportunities. He covered what search intent is, the problems that intent focus solves, and the limitations SEOs have with an intent focus.

    Here are our biggest takeaways from JR’s talk:

    • Keywords are not intent. Map intent to keywords.

    • Align search intent with your user journey and funnel for success.

    • Strategies for finding new intent areas to cover. Mine new opportunities with ValueSerp. Then categorize the search queries and measure the certainty of the classification with Nemo.

    JR is the VP of Strategy for LOCOMOTIVE Agency. He has been an SEO since 2011 and was formerly an architectural glass artist. His focus areas are in machine learning, language, and user experience.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    How to produce ranking content with Benji Hyam & Devesh Khanal

    Benji and Devesh share how they approach helping dozens of high growth companies rank for competitive queries. In B2B marketing, you want to use content to drive lead generation and not just pageviews.

    You will learn how they approach their content creation process including:

    1. How to select the right topic and keywords that have business value

    2. Why you need to do SERP analysis on each of those keywords to understand which topics need to be covered in your article for it to rank

    3. Steps to figuring out the angle and structure of your article based on that SERP analysis

    4. How to write the content in a way that fills in that structure with compelling information to sell your product or service

    5. Fixing the most important on-page SEO considerations

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    How AI can make content better (and much, much worse) with Ryan Law

    Ryan Law, VP of Content at Animalz, gave a splendid presentation on "How AI Can Make Content Better (And Much, Much Worse)".

    Ryan used AI/GPT-3 to generate the webinar title and concluding remarks.

    You'll learn more about how AI content generation works, whether AI-generated content is here to stay, and other topics, including:

    • AI & the history of writing technologies

    • GPT-3 explained

    • Six ways to use GPT-3 for content marketing

    • Our experiment in writing long-form content with GPT-3

    • Analysing the strengths & weaknesses of GPT-3

    • The era of infinite content

    • The ranking potential of AI-generated content

    • Three ways humans can compete with AI

    Ryan is the VP of Content at Animalz, where he's worked with companies including Google, GoDaddy, Clearbit, and Algolia.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    How to create SEO content briefs and outlines

    Maddy (The Blogsmith), Marijana (Freelance Bold), and Omid (Marketer Milk) joined for a panel on "How to Create the Perfect Content Briefs & Outlines."

    Each panelist share how they create content briefs that guide their SEO strategy. They even share their content brief templates for you to copy and use.

    Maddy operates The Blogsmith, an SEO content agency for B2B tech companies that works with clients like HubSpot, Automattic, Kinsta, and Sprout Social.

    Marijana is a freelance writer for leading B2B SaaS brands like Shopify, Hotjar, Zapier, Pipedrive, and ConvertKit and the founder of Freelance Bold.

    Omid is an Organic Growth Manager at Webflow and the founder of Marketer Milk.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    How to group keywords and build topic clusters at scale with Jonas Sickler

    Jonas Sickler of Terakeet gave an insightful presentation on "How to Group Keywords and Build Topic Clusters at Scale."

    Our most significant takeaways from Jonas' presentation on Topic Clusters & Keyword Grouping were:

    • Google is investing in topic comprehension with enhancements to their natural language understanding. Topic clusters are a great way to signal to Google and users that you have subject matter expertise for the topics you're writing about.

    • Leverage relevant internal and external links from your topic cluster to subtopic pages. Internal links funnel link equity to related pages, and external links help back up claims you're making in your article. Don't cram your topic cluster full of links because that can be considered spam by Google and a poor digital experience.

    • Manually inspecting the search engine results page (SERP) to understand the primary intents for a given keyword is the most accurate way to gauge which subtopics are essential. You can use marketing tools like Serpstat to group keywords at scale but beware of any tool that focuses too much of its keyword groupings on "common terms."

    Jonas is a published author and SEO manager at Terakeet, where he writes about earning positive consumer attention through SEO and content strategy.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    Ecommerce content types to support your SEO strategy by Myriam Jessier

    Myriam Jessier of PRAGM joined the Clearscope webinar to discuss eCommerce content types.

    She covers the must-have pages and, more importantly, what needs to be on them.

    Myriam is a co-owner of the PRAGM agency and a certified trainer. Her main job is to teach SEO to corporate marketers, brand agencies, and development centers.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Google's "Helpful Content" Algorithm Update

    Aleyda Solis, Cindy Krum, Ethan Smith, and Kevin Indig joined Bernard of Clearscope to share their thoughts on Google’s “Helpful Content” update.

    Here are our biggest takeaways from the roundtable:

    1. Topical authority is only getting more critical

    2. Create valuable unique content to stand out from the “copycats”

    3. Each panelist shares what changes in strategies they’ve made (if any) and how they’re guiding their writers

    Aleyda is an International SEO Consultant and founder of Orainti, a highly specialized boutique SEO consultancy.

    Cindy is the CEO of MobileMoxie and the author of Mobile Marketing - Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are.

    Ethan is the CEO of Graphite, a premium growth agency.

    Kevin is a strategic Growth Advisor, creator of the Growth Memo newsletter, and host of the Tech Bound podcast.

    Bernard is the co-founder of Clearscope, the leading SEO optimization software for high-quality content teams.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    Why you shouldn’t manual link build by Ross Hudgens

    Ross Hudgens of Siege Media joined the Clearscope webinar to share why you shouldn't manual link build.

    He and his team have sent over 1 million link-building emails in the past 10 years. And he shares exactly why they’re stopping most of it.

    Ross is the founder/CEO of SEO-focused content marketing agency Siege Media.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    Internal linking by Angela Skane and Jonas Sickler

    Jonas Sickler and Angela Skane of Terakeet joined the Clearscope webinar to discuss internal linking.

    Jonas kicked it off by comparing internal links to the wires in a house. Backlinks supply the home with power and internal links distribute it.

    Throughout the talk, Angela and Jonas share how internal linking is good for the reader and for SEO.

    Angela is a Content Manager at Terakeet focusing on on-site SEO for customers.

    Jonas Sickler is a published author and SEO manager at Terakeet, where he writes about earning positive consumer attention through SEO and content strategy.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    How SEO works with Bernard Huang

    Bernard Huang and Shannon Ratliff walk us through how SEO works and what you need to watch in the coming years.

    We reviewed:

    • Technical SEO considerations and how they help Google access, understand, and serve your content.

    • Relevant backlinks and subject matter authority, and how this helps Google determine where your content initially ranks.

    • User engagement signals and search query deserves X, and this helps Google decide whether you rank up or down.

    Bernard co-founded Clearscope, the leading SEO optimization software for high-quality content teams.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    Why should quality content and links always go hand in hand with Alexandra Tachalova

    Alexandra Tachalova of Digital Olympus joined the Clearscope webinar to answer “why you can or can't substitute poor-quality content with links.”

    Here are our biggest takeaways from Alexandra’s talk:

    • Focus on the most valuable links for your website.

    • Strategies for getting your first links without sending thousands of emails.

    • Check out and download Alexandra’s slides here.

    Alexandra is a frequent speaker and founder of the relationship-based link-building agency, She regularly contributes to leading digital marketing blogs, including Moz, SEJ, Salesforce, SMExaminer, and many others.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    Content promotion and distribution channels

    3 keys of a successful digital PR campaign with Tamara Sykes

    Tamara Sykes of Stacker Studio joined the Clearscope webinar to share her three keys to building a successful digital PR campaign.

    Here are our biggest takeaways from Tamara’s talk:

    • Be prepared by defining your goal and narrowing in your audience.

    • Be creative and use stories. Tamara believes a story must satisfy at least one of these: pursue unusual, engaging, and unique angles.

    • Focus on quality over quantity. Bad and spam pitches may land you on Twitter’s #PRfails.

    Tamara helps brands create the ideal public persona that supports their digital and traditional marketing.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    How to repurpose SEO content for social with Camille Trent

    Camille Trent of Dooly and a talented content strategist. She walked us through how she repurposes SEO content for social media, including LinkedIn and Twitter.

    Camille summed it up by stating you should have a plan for how you’ll repurpose content and which marketing channel you’ll use before you start writing.

    If you could only take away one strategy, it’d be BLUF (“bottom line up front”). Don’t bury your lede. Tell them what they need to know to pull them down the post.

    Camille is the Head of Content Marketing at Dooly. When she's not planning content, she's repurposing it.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    Creating forms that make sense for your SEO-optimized content with Nick Dimitriou

    Nick Dimitriou of Moosend shared how to create and optimize email forms that make sense for SEO content.

    He covered the types of lead capture forms, including modal pop-up, inline form, floating bar, floating box, and full page. Then he shared nine tips for driving bottom-line results with forms.

    There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding forms. And more use cases than only collecting information. Nick uses forms to move website visitors around the site. For example, use an Exit Intent form to reduce your bounce rate and introduce visitors to more engaging pieces of content.

    Nick shares one of Moosend’s most successful forms, which has generated more than 15,000 trials in its lifetime. He shares why he thinks it’s been successful and why more SaaS brands need to experiment with the form type.

    Nick is the Head of Growth at Moosend, helping SMBs scale how they engage with their audience through email marketing and marketing automation.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    Reporting and measuring content

    How to model and predict ROI from content marketing with David Khim

    David Khim of Omniscient Digital led a webinar on how to expect ROI for content marketing.

    Here are our biggest takeaways from David’s talk:

    • Models give you an idea of high-level growth opportunities

    • Err on the conservative side with your estimations

    • Do not make your models too complex

    • Models are mostly assumptions

    David is co-founder of Omniscient Digital and previously Head of Growth at

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

    How to report on content marketing by Jimmy Daly

    We hosted Jimmy Daly of Superpath for a talk on "How to Report on Content Marketing (Narratives, Numbers, Names, Nuance)," which was full of insightful takeaways that covered the scope of content reporting.

    Jimmy reviewed the four fundamentals of an effective content marketing report. And shared how to report on your content team’s marketing efforts along with metrics and KPIs to focus on.

    He covered:

    • Narrative, and how to bring the proper strategic context to your work

    • Numbers, and knowing what data points to ignore when

    • Names, and why gathering social proof is more effective than a number

    • Nuance, and how to frame success and learnings inside the larger business strategy

    Jimmy is the co-founder/CEO of Superpath, a resource for content marketers.

    Watch the recording on-demand here.

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