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Getting Started: Content Inventory

Content Inventory helps you monitor and track the performance of your existing library of content within Clearscope. It’s your starting point in Clearscope to audit and assess your existing content while also being where you come to refresh content as it ages.

It’s designed to empower SEOs, content marketers, and editors to take proactive measures to ensure existing content maintains or increases in important metrics such as Content Grade, clicks, and average position.

Content Inventory Pages view

How do I start using Content Inventory?

Auditing and refreshing your existing content is the key to ranking and performing well. Content Inventory analyzes your content library over time and alerts you when pages are losing traffic, rankings, and topical relevance.

In order to get up and running with Content Inventory, follow these steps:

1. From the Clearscope home page, select the Pages link underneath Content Inventory on the left side bar menu

Access Content Inventory from Clearscope's homepage

2. Start monitoring your content by connecting your Clearscope project to a Google Search Console (GSC) property. Select the "Connect Google Account" button to verify the property.

Start monitoring your content by connecting your GSC account

3. Complete the Google sign-in authorization.

4. You will then be prompted to create a new Clearscope project that's associated with a GSC property you have verified. Select the corresponding GSC property and locale. Then click the "Create verified project" button.

Create a new Clearscope project associated with a verified GSC property

5. You will be brought to the “Add pages” screen where you can add the page URLs to the left side of the table and up to 3 queries (with a comma separating each query) you want to track for the page in the right column. Select the “Add pages” button when you’re done.

"Add pages" screen to track and monitor published content in Content Inventory

Note: You can only enter 100 URLs and their queries each time you add more pages to Content Inventory.

6. You will then return to the Content Inventory Pages screen and see URLs start to populate with information such as Content Grade, clicks, Inventory Links, and SEO Value.

Fully populated and GSC-connected Content Inventory view

Note: It usually takes about 30 minutes for Clearscope to grade your content based on the Monitored Queries you selected and to see Google Search Console metrics show up on your Content Inventory table.

7. Moving forward, whenever you or someone on your team publishes a new piece of content, you can add that URL to your Content Inventory using the same method as described above.


For more information on monitoring and refreshing published content, learn from industry experts by listening or watching Clearscope webinars and browsing our blog.

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